What kind of logical fallacy is "Only a radical socialist would propose raising the minimum wage" ?

a. false dilemma
b. false cause
c. poisoning the well
d. slippery slope

1 Answer
May 2, 2018

C I would say poisoning the well


A. a false dilemma would be more like an either or fallacy either you oppose raising the minimum raise or you are a radical socialist.
This gives only two choices neither one may be true.
So A is not the best answer.

B. a false cause or basic assumption. The basic assumption would be raising the minimum is a socialistic position. This would definitely be a false assumption about the minimum wage. This is a good answer but not the best.

C. The key is the adjective radical no one wants to be thought of as a radical so this is poisoning the well To propose raising the minimum wage is to accept being a radical
This seems to be the best answer.

D. A slippery slope is a progression. There is no indication of a progression in this proposal
D is not a valid answer.