What led to Czar Nicholas II's downfall?

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May 8, 2018

The Russian Revolution had short and long term causes.


In 1917 Russia was fighting the Germans and Austro Hungarian Empire, suffering heavy losses and defeats. Men were hopelessly ill-equipped being sent to the front with on rifle between three.

The Romanov monarchy lived in total isolation from the peasants and industrial working class. They didn't even speak Russian but spoke French at court. There was the bizarre influence of Rasputin on the Tsarina and her attempts to protect her son from his haemophilia.

Millions lived in grinding poverty and groups such as the Bolsheviks had a long history of opposition to this monarchical dictatorship. However there were other opposition groups committed to social democracy.

It was the repeated refusal of Czar Nicholas to recognise the seriousness of the changing situation and the need to introduce genuine political, social and economic reform which led to the Revolution which began in St Petersburg.

The Czar and his family were held in captivity and eventually executed at Ekaterinburg in July 1918.