What makes up a neuron?

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Jan 17, 2018


#"Cell body & cytoplasmic processes i.e dendrites and axon."#


Neuron is structural and functional unit of nervous system which basically consists of two parts:

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  • Cell body or Soma:
    Cell body contains outer membrane cytoplasm and nucleus cell what is the nutritional part of the cell biosynthesis of material accessory for growth and maintenance of neurone occur in IT cell bodies can we generate the axons and dendrites.

  • Cytoplasmic processes:
    The cytoplasmic processes arise from the cell body. There are basically two types of cytoplasmic processes:

#(a)# Dendrites:
The processes which carry the nerve impulse towards the cell body are called Dendrites.

#(b)# Axon:
A process conducting the nerve impulse away from the cell body is called axon. These are also known as neuron fibres and may be meter long in some neurons. Axons are made up of schwann cells which maybe myelinated or non myelinated.

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