What parallels exist between the social issues of today and those described in “A Tale of Two Cities”?

1 Answer
Jan 31, 2017

The gap between the very rich and the very poor. and the radicalization of the opposition.


The two cities in the Tale of Two Cities the two cities are both Paris.
The one city is the poor living in the same city as the rich.

In America the poor are becoming more and more dependent on welfare and being trapped in property just as the poor in France were locked into property by law and custom.

The Jacobites in France viewed the rich and anyone who opposed them as evil. Religious people were declared as enemies of the people. People were executed their heads were cut off by the thousands. Any one with connections to the rich nobility,or religious class were killed or jailed.

In a America political correctness views the opposition as evil. Being rich is viewed as being immoral. People whose religious views are seen as being opposed to "social justice" are condemned.

The lack of a middle class in France led to social degeneration and chaos. The loss of the middle class in America is leading to social degeneration and increasing division in American society.