What philosophy puts discovery of the universe and science as the meaning of life?

1 Answer
Nov 13, 2017

One answer is material realism.


Material realism is the philosophy that only matter and energy are real. Mater and energy are regarded as the ultimate reality. Matter and energy being the only from of existence are regarded as eternally existing.

The truth discovered by scientific inquiry is regarded as true Truth. Any other source of truth is regarded as secondary, inferior, or not true at all.

This type philosophy has been called scientism where belief in science becomes a form of religion. Traditional forms of religion are regarded as being anti scientific and negative.

Ironically recent discoveries in empirical science ( rather than philosophical science) have undermined this philosophy. In 1997 it was discovered that the rate of the universe is increasing not decreasing as predicted by a belief in matter being eternal. Just this year it was discovered that the amount of anti matter equals the amount of positive matter. This means that the universe should not exist as the collision between anti matter and matter creates energy and the destruction of all matter.

The philosophy of science being the ultimate truth, and matter and energy being the ultimate reality is not supported by empirical science that can be tested by observation and experiments.