What promises did Mussolini make the Italian people?

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Feb 16, 2016

He promised the Italians that he will recreate the glories of the Roman Empire.


Benito Mussolini was a Socialist at first due to being influenced by his family but switched to being a fascist when he was kicked out of the Socialist group.

He was kicked out of the group because the group believed that Italy should stay out of WW1 however he believed that Italy should join the war (which Italy did join ).

After the war, he made a fascist party, Fasci di Combattimento. The party's symbol was a bundle of rods strapped together around an axe which was a symbol of authority in ancient Rome.

So then he promised to recreate the Roman empire's glory in a way that is nationalistic, anti-socialist, and anti-liberal.Mussolini threatened a march to take over the government. Once King Victor Emmanuel heard of this, he asked Mussolini to form a government. Mussolini immediately abolished other parties and transformed Italy to a fascist state.