What's the best way to share links to Socratic?

1 Answer

Links to Socratic expose the site to students and potential contributors who might find it useful, and make Socratic more trustworthy in the eyes of search engines.

There are a few different ways to link to Socratic, depending on who will see the link and how Socratic might be helpful to them.


How to share a link

  • Choose a specific page on Socratic (e.g., a specific subject page) to share as a link that will be useful to whoever will see it

  • If you can add "anchor text" to the link—aka the text that shows up 'over' the link for people to click on—choose text that's specific and informative

  • Add the link to a web page you can edit where people will see it

These ^ guidelines will help make sure the people who see your link know what they're clicking on, and that it will be useful to them.

Here are some ideas for links to share based on who will see it.

Links for students

Links for potential contributors

Links for anyone