What should I do if I find a question that's a duplicate of another one?

1 Answer
Feb 27, 2015

If you see a question that's already been asked on the site, you should mark it as a duplicate.

To mark a question as a duplicate, click the "edit question" dropdown below the question:

Then click "mark as duplicate":

enter image source here

Then enter the URL of the duplicate version you found:

enter image source here

Note: If one of the two questions has already been answered, enter the URL of the one that doesn't have an answer yet.

Once you hit "mark as duplicate," we'll merge the two questions so that if someone visits the URL of the unanswered one, they'll be automatically redirected to the one that has an answer.

To merge, or not to merge?

DO merge:

  • Questions that are exactly the same
  • Questions that are phrased similarly and would merit the same answer

Do NOT merge:

  • Questions that cover similar subject matter but would have a slightly different answer #-># a good way to test this is to ask yourself whether the first line of the answer would be the same or different. If they'd be different, don't merge
  • Questions that are the same but are categorized in different subjects, and might merit a different answer based on that subject's context