What solution did the international community come up with to handle the large number of homeless Jewish refugees following World War II?

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First they were interned in Refugee Camps. Many countries would not take them. In 1947 with the creation of Israel there was a place who would take all of them.


Post World War 2 most Refugees were returned to their home countries. Jewish Refuges often didn't want to return because there communities had been destroyed. Their homes given to others by the Germans. The were often not welcomed back. Occasionally they were killed or driven off by the local populous. Many wanted to be part of the Jewish Community in Palestine. Some made it there and some were interned by the British on Cyprus and other places. Many sat in Camps in Europe

When the State of Israel was created it was possibly the only place that this large group of Refugees would be welcomed. It cleaned up a difficult problem for the United Nations.