What type of organisms break down rock to make soil?

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Nov 7, 2016

The organisms operating in the wearing of rocks in two ways: the fragmentation of the rocky body and chemical modification of the parent material.


The agencies act directly and indirectly on the erosion of rock and soil evolution. Act in physical attack Rock promoting the breakdown of rocky body into smaller units and the chemical attack on this rock. Soil biology is quite varied, as illustrated in the image below, consisting of fungi, bacteria and higher organisms, such as earthworms and others.

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The physical wear, called physical-biological weathering is done by breaking rock without chemical modification of the components thereof. Tree roots are a major physical and biological weathering agents promoting the fragmentation of the rocks of the substrate.

Another form of wear, promoted by organisms is accomplished by dissolution of rock components by producing organic acids from decomposition of organic material produced by the decomposition of these organisms, and this process is called chemical-biological weathering.
The main agents of this type of weathering are: fungi, bacteria, decomposition of tree roots and debris in decomposition of larger organisms, among others.

In this process is the transformation / modification of the rock components, giving rise to new forms of mineral components, resulting from the chemical transformation process minerals in the rocks.