What type of radiation transmits heat energy?

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Heat energy is transferred by Infrared type of radiation.


Radiation which can be detected as heat occurs in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum.


see a process below.


If we are talking about heat energy in specific it relates to light .

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yes, light , it would be more correct to say #color(red)("infrared light")# rather than #color(red)("light")#

https://axtontech.com/light-about-ir/ .

We see something because of light coming from it , but we can't see something that emits light of some other (which is either too high or too low) frequency or wavelength , whatever! other than those of visible spectrum.

this is the reason the sky appears dark at night though a lot of radiations are there from distant stars , galaxies and cosmic background radiations .

Coming to main question, it is infrared radiations that cause heating , don't wonder that its not gamma rays or x-rays or even ultraviolet rays just because if you focus gamma rays to say steel pan , it would make a hole in it .

Electrical appliances like ovens , microwaves do use infrared radiations to cause heating

Hope this info. helps you at least a little.