What use the bpdy to release energy from food?

2 Answers
May 3, 2018

Anaerobic respiration


The release of energy from food molecules in the absence of oxygen is called anaerobic respiration. When there is oxygen present it is called aerobic respiration.

May 4, 2018



Cellular respiration is the process of using energy from food (simple sugars) to produce energy for the cells in the form of #"ATP"#. There are two types, aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

Aerobic respiration produces much more energy, up to #38 \ "ATP"# molecules, but needs oxygen gas to be available.

Anaerobic respiration produces only #2 \ "ATP"# molecules, but does not need oxygen.

The body much prefers aerobic respiration, as more energy is created to the cells, and then cells can stay healthy and active to do their specified jobs.