What vessel returns fluid from the lymphatic system to the circulatory system?

1 Answer
Jul 11, 2016

The lymph drainage of our body takes place via left lymphatic duct (also called thoracic duct) and right lymphatic duct. Both the lymphatic ducts drain in subclavian veins of respective side.


Lymph drainage does not take place in bilaterally symmetrical manner. Right lymphatic duct drains from a much smaller area compared to that of left lymphatic duct (refer to the image). Most of lymphatic fluid along with absorbed dietary fat is drained via left lymphatic duct.


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In twenty four hours about 2 liters of lymph is drained via two lymphatic ducts into subclavian veins of two sides. The subclavian veins collect lymph:latter mixes with blood coming from head and arms and all the fluid enters right auricle via superior vena cava.


Lymph slowly returns to blood and mixes with total venous return in right atrium of heart. This helps in maintaining amount of fat in blood at a steady level.