What was the Allied strategy for World War II?

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Nov 10, 2016

To push the Germans back and defeat the Nazi regime.


The most important threat to the Allies was Hitler’s Germany. The German army seemed to be on the brink of defeating the Soviet army, its ally at one time. If the Russians fell, then Germany could turn its full attention to Britain.

Soviet dictator Josef Stalin wanted the Allies to launch an invasion of German-held Europe as soon as possible because Russia was being decimated by the Germans. But Churchill wanted to "nibble" at the edges of the German empire while bombing Germany from the air. For a time FDR went along with the British plan.

Nov 11, 2016

Yes, Germany first then Japan reasons vary with whoever is talking.


Secrets from World War 2 get released every few years as the latest set of secrets get declassified by the allies. A bunch of Soviet stuff was released in the 1990s because nobody was watching the archives and pretty much anybody could walk in a search through them.

Lately, Nuclear weapons played a larger part in the assessment than previously thought. Germany had worked on a different approach from the US and were getting some success. Hitler with atomic bombs would have been very scary. Japan hadn't even started down that road.

To begin with the US were keen to land in northern France in 1942 and move directly into Germany. Stalin wanted this too. The British quite rightly felt that this would be a disastrous approach. They realized just how tough the German Armed Forces was.

While the build up was taking place the Americans agreed to clearing out North Africa and then to knock out Italy. This kept people busy while the England filled with troops and equipment for the Invasion.

The possibility of an invasion in southern Europe through Italy and Yugoslavia seems remote now but in World War 1 this was the final thing that caused the Germans to negotiate armistice and was a real possibility in the British planners minds.

The Americans got some valuable experience and their nose bloodied a couple of times in North Africa and Italy when they actually started fighting the Germans.

The Bombing campaign started and became an effort that was effectively a second front only the Air Force had trouble getting that message to the public.

An interesting book on a bunch WW2 facts.