What was the key to Persia's communication network?

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Oct 23, 2016

The Royal Road. A improved road surface that went across Persia. Mounted Couriers could ride along it at speed.


Darius I of Persia (5th Century BCE) was the first recorded monarch established the the Royal Road although there was an older road network in former Assyria that it was connected to in places.

The road went from the Aegean Coast in modern Turkey past modern Baghdad to near the Persian Gulf. The distance from Sardis to Susa was 1677 miles (2699 Kms) and could be traveled by mounted courier in 7 days, with re-mount stations along its length. A type of ancient Pony Express. The distance would take 3 months by foot.

Caravan rest stops proliferated along the road called Caravanserai.
It also connected to the Silk Road.