What was the main reason for the allies victory in WWII?

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May 28, 2018

Ability to keep supply lines open as well as the ability to provide superior goods.


As WW2 wound down in Europe, the Americans, who were over 2,000 miles from home, had more and better supplies than the Germans, who were hundreds of miles away from their home. The Allies bombed the daylights out of the German supply lines while simultaneously preventing their own from being too damaged. The Allies' ability to bring their economical power to bear was tested during the Battle of the Bulge. They responded by having a fleet of trucks known as the Red Ball Express provide needed supplies in the most powerful show of modern industrialization the world had seen at that point.

The goods that the Allies, especially the Americans, were distributing also had the advantage of being better than the Germans' goods (ex. the M1 Garand Rifle for the US, the Kar98K for the Germans). Can I get a 'Murica?!

May 29, 2018

The Allies had greater economic production power and greater manpower.


The Axis needed a quick victory in order to win World War II
The Axis lacked economic resources necessary for a prolonged war. Neither Germany nor Japan (or for that matter Italy) had any oil. Without oil the tanks, planes, and warships used in World War II cannot operate. Hitler diverted critical units from the Battle against the soviet union to secure the oil field of the Cauasas.

Japan had to import all of the steel used to build Japan's military. When Japan refused to obey the league of nations injunctions against further aggression in China American place an embargo on all steel and oil imports to Japan. The threat to deny Japan the importation of these vital resource was one of the main causes of Japan declaring war on the United States bringing the US into the war.

Japan and Germany started the war with well trained and equipped militaries. However these Axis militaries were unable to replace their losses during the war. The skilled Japanese pilots that dominated Pacific skies early in the war were replaced by young untrained pilots. The German military was unable to replace the trained tank crews and infantry. By the end of the war Germany's army was forced to use old men and teenage boys.

Once the United States entered the war the Allies were able to outproduce Germany and Japan by huge margins. American tanks were shipped directly to the battlefield of Stalingrad, Sherman tanks though less effective than the German panzers, outnumbered the germans sometimes as much as 3 or 5 to one. Fleets of bombers and fighters were produced to replace those shot down.
Russia was able to field army after army. The huge losses inflicted by the Germans were replaced.

The total man power available to Allies from Russia and America was far greater than the limited manpower of Germany and Japan.
The military production of the Allies far exceeded the production of the Axis, even without the large loses of military production due to Allie bombing.