What was the result of the House of Representatives' impeachment of President Clinton?

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Luke S. Share
Dec 3, 2017


No impeachment.


No president in American history was actually thrown out of office. 3 presidents were close to being impeached. Andrew Johnson (who was impeached by the House of Representatives but was acquitted by the Senate), Richard Nixon (resigned before he could be impeached), and Bill Clinton (Impeached by the House, acquitted by the Senate).

Clinton actually faced 2 rounds of impeachment votes. First, charges were brought up of perjury and OOJ (Obstruction of Justice) in the Paula Jones case. The House of Reps. voted and passed the impeachment bill to the Senate. The Senate then voted and formally acquitted Clinton. 2 more charges, perjury and abuse or power, were voted on in the House but ultimately failed. Clinton served the rest of his term.

Clinton wasn't really hurt by the scandal, his approval ratings were still considerably high.
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Extra Info: Clinton had a nick name of "Slick Willy," that he could talk himself out of any situations because he was charismatic and personal. Both Republicans and Democrats recognized his ability and both have tried to replicate it. Here is an example from the 1992 Presidential debate.

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