What was the yearly salary of the first president of the United States?

1 Answer
Jan 27, 2017



When George Washington became president in 1789 his annual salary was $25,000. If we were to adjust this salary for inflation, in 2016 the current president would earn $702,755. Barack Obama, the most recent president to earn a salary (Donald Trump has said he won't take the compensation) earned $400,000, the lowest inflation-adjusted salary of any sitting U.S. president.

As a quick side-note unless it is associated with official government business presidents have to pay for their own food, clothing, education, and travel. The president receives about $69,000 to help pay for the aforementioned (non-travel related) expenses. The president also receives $100,000 for travel which isn't a significant amount of money considering they have to pay for Air Force One, Marine One, and security.