What were Adolf Hitler& the Nazi’s s overall goals for Germany?

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Gió Share
Mar 6, 2018


I think it can be argued that there were different goals and purposes but the main one I would consider it is the creation of Lebensraum (vital space) for the German nation.


It can be argued that the creation of a vital space for Germany was only a pretext to invade other nations and take revenge on old enemies (like France) but I think that the Nazi condensed into this idea of Lebensraum several key points of their agenda:

1) to increase the surface of the Reich to accommodate a growing German population;

2) to acquire (with force if necessary) goods, land and resources from other nations to feed the German industry and agricultural production again growing really fast;

3) to purge not only Germany but other nations of undesirable parts of their population (Jews, Communists, Gypsies, etc.).

All of this is Lebensraum, i.e., the expansion of Germany on every level at the expense of other nations/populations.


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