What were the results of the Bay of Pigs invasion?

1 Answer
Mar 5, 2018

Heightened tensions all around.


The attempted invasion by the US plainly showed our willingness to go against our own democratic ideology to oppose communism for the sake of the Truman Doctrine. The Soviety Union saw it as a direct assault since Cuba was a communist country, while to Cuba, it was an even more direct attack. It's one of the main reasons why Cuba and the US have tense relations to this day.

It's kind of like if someone tried to assassinate you but failed and got caught red-handed. It's tough to build up a decent trust with that person even if they claim they've changed a lot.

I stated this in a more anti-US way, and there are definitely valid arguments both for and against the Bay of Pigs, but regardless, the effects were an increase in tensions between the US and both Cuba and the Soviet Union.