What would fourteen billion be in scientific notation?

1 Answer
Mar 6, 2018

1.4 x #10^10#


So, scientific notation is a number that is in between one and ten. It can't be lower than one, and it can't be higher than 9.9 (it can't be a two digit number), multiplied by ten to the power of how many times you move the decimal place to make it less than ten and greater than one.

An example could be the number 34,000,000

You would move the decimal 7 places to the left, making it 3.4.

Then multiply it by 10 to the (however many you moved it) seventh. It would be 3.4 x #10^7#.

The number you want in scientific notation is 14,000,000,000

move the decimal 10 times to the left, making it 1.4

multiply it by #10^10#

1.4 x #10^10#

I hope this helps! :)