When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, what changes would one have to make in lifestyle and diet?

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Feb 11, 2018


See below...


Note: Insulin reduces blood sugar levels by turning glucose into glycogen which is stored in the liver.

For Type 1 where the person produces a lack of insulin:

Lifestyle changes: The person would have to inject themselves with insulin usually after eating to make sure all of the of the glucose is removed from the blood before digestion. The amount injected depends on the amount of glucose in the food, i.e. More glucose taken #=># more insulin needed.

They should also do regular exercises to help remove glucose from the blood.

Diet change: Reducing the intake of carbs.

For type 2 where the person is resistant to insulin:

The treatment is actually quite similar but as type 2 is more closely correlated to obesity, the person should do more exercise.