When did animal life begin on earth?

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Apr 29, 2016

Earlier than 650 million years ago (mya)


I had collected the following data for endnotes (p155) to my essay "10 Esoteric Science about universe and creation", in my book "Faiths and proximate truths (2010);

Unicellular to multicellular evolution:2 billion years ago - 600 million years ago (mya).

Sea life: 650 mya.

Leg-bearing worms: 570 mya.

Movement of sea-animals to land: 400 - 385 mya.

Insects: 359 - 299 mya.

Mini-wnged dinosaurs: 160 mya.

Flying squirrels: 125 mya.

Bats: 50 mya.

Anthropoid (resembling human):

Female Ida ( Germany): 47 mya.

Ganea megacanina (Asia): 39 mya.

Hominid Ardi: 4.4mya and Lucy: 3,2 mya (Africa)

The readers could update these data for corrections and omissions, if any. These are all 2-sd and 3-sd approximations, with million years as unit of time.