Where might racial and gender discrimination commonly occur?

1 Answer
Nov 29, 2016

Such discrimination can happen in any area of society.


Although societies pass laws in an attempt to end discrimination, it needs the changing of attitudes and values for effective change to take place.

In modern societies such as the USA discrimination can take place in areas such as education, employment, politics, the arts and housing.

Often it is a combination of circumstances which lead to and accentuate the impact of discrimination. For example poverty is a major result of discrimination and this in turn makes it more difficult for certain groups such as ethnic minorities and women to break out of a vicious circle.

Discrimination will lead to poor academic performance, living in poor accommodation with weak social infrastructures, high levels of employment and low political participation.

However such discrimination is not confined to the poor. Women in the media and the arts are under enormous pressure to conform to an image expectation defined by men. Trump's comments in the recent election reflect this at the highest levels of power. Finally female actors constantly complain about the dearth of parts for older women