Which blood type donor can give blood to a patient with type O blood: A, B, O, or AB?

1 Answer
May 20, 2018

Only Type O blood


There are 4 blood groups - A,B, AB, O


Blood Group A has antigens for A
Blood Group B has antigens for B
Blood Group AB has antigens for A and B
Blood Group O has antigens for none

These antigens are found on the surface of the blood cell and if someone with blood group A is given blood group B, then the individual would die because of blood clotting. This is because the having blood group A means that you have antibodies to B and AB. The body would recognise the blood as an antigen.


Blood Group A can accept A and O (has antigens for A)
Blood Group B can accept B and O (has antigens for B)
Blood Group AB can accept A, B and O (has antigens for A and B)
Blood Group O can only accept O