Which interrogative pronoun should replace the blank space in the following sentence?: I wonder ____ dog knocked our garbage can over.

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Connie Share
Mar 8, 2018


You can insert the pronoun " which " or " whose " in this sentence.


You might think that " what " would be a correct pronoun, but "what" is not specific enough for this example.

The question implies that there are certain known dogs, in the neighborhood, say, and the speaker wants to know which one of them did it.

"What" is more general. You could use it in a sentence like:

What kind of dog is that?, or

What part of speech is it?

You could also use " whose " in this sentence, as in:

I wonder whose dog knocked our garbage can over.

Here, the speaker knows the dogs and their owners, and wants to know who the guilty party is.

Here's a website with a good explanation of Interrogative Pronouns (scroll down past the ad):


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