Which is bigger: 56 cm or 6 cm?

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Aug 16, 2016

56 cm is more than 6cm.

Aug 18, 2016



Tony B

Both 6 and 56 are on the same side of 0 on the number line. 56 is further away from 0 than is 6. So 56 is the 'greater' number.

Mathematically there is a big difference between bigger and 'greater than'. The number that is to the right on the number line is the greater number.

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Have a look at:
Tony B

A #ul("larger number")# is considered as 'bigger than'

#-36# is a larger number than #-3# so -36 is bigger than -3.

But #-36# is to the left of #-3# so its 'value' is 'less than'.

The further away from 0 is the number the 'bigger' it is. So -39 is bigger than -36 but value wise -39 is 'less than' -36.

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