Which life process occurs when carbon dioxide, energy, and water are produced by the combination of food and oxygen with enzymes?

1 Answer
Apr 30, 2018

Cellular respiration


Cellular respiration is a #24"/"7# process that happens in the human body. It is when glucose (simple sugars) and oxygen combine together to form energy #("ATP")# and water #(H_2O)# for the human body to survive. Another by-product that is released in the form of waste is carbon dioxide gas #(CO_2)#.

The equation for cellular respiration is:


There are two types of cellular respiration in humans, aerobic and anaerobic respiration. Aerobic occurs when there is plenty of oxygen available, while anaerobic occurs when there is a shortage of oxygen, such as during intense exercises. Aerobic respiration also produces much more energy than anaerobic respiration.