Which neurotransmitter(s) is/are involved in mood fluctuations?

1 Answer
Mar 13, 2016

A neurotransmitter is a chemical messenger released endogenously that influences nervous communication.


Neurotransmitter levels fluctuate every time. They are the ones responsible for ones mood. The 3 major neurotransmitters responsible for a persons mood are:-

  1. Dopamine - focus, drive, attention, memory and clear thinking.
    Increases sexuality.
  2. Serotonin - Dampens Sexuality, mood, anxiety, arousal, aggression, impulse control and thinking abilities. Excess amounts of serotonin
    cause relaxation, sedation, apathy and a decrease in sexual drive.
    Serotonin deficiency is associated with low mood, lack of will power
    and poor appetite control.
  3. Noradrenaline - fast memory, quick reaction time, mental energy, alertness and attention, goal seeking and sexual behaviour.

Varying the mix of these three neurotransmitters can produce large variations in mood and personality.

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