Which of the characteristics of living things does a virus have and which characteristics is it lacking?

1 Answer
Jan 29, 2018

Viruses as living:

  • Have genetic material i.e either #"DNA"# or #"RNA"#.

  • Can undergo mutation.

  • Show irritability.

  • Are capable to reproduce and hence can increase their number.

  • React to heat, chemicals and radiations.

  • Are resistant to antibiotics.

Viruses as non-living:

  • Can be crystallized.

  • Are inert outside the host.

  • Lack cell membrane and cell wall.

  • Can't grow in size, shape or something like that. Don't possess any sort of nutrients.

  • Don't respire or breathe & also don't excrete.

  • Don't undergo their own metabolism.

  • Lack any energy producing system and are totally dependent on their host for their reproduction and metabolism.

Hope it helps...