Which of the following is a mixture?

Carbon dioxide

2 Answers
Jun 22, 2018



Carbon dioxide is made up of the compound #CO_2#

Iron is made up of the element Iron unless oxidised where it would then contain iron oxide

Sugar or sucrose is considered a disaccharide and is made up of fructose and glucose combined together as 1 molecule

Sand is considered a mixture because it contains a combination of silicates, chlorides, sulphates and nitrates. It is usually said that this combination is heterogenous meaning the mixture is not the same throughout.

Jun 23, 2018

Sand is a mixture of the elements silicon, oxygen and some particles..


Sand can also be a compound since it has the formula #SiO_2# which is Silica Oxide..

For the rest;

Carbon dioxide, is a compound, #CO_2#

Iron, is an element, #Fe#

Sugar, is a complex compound, #C_12H_22O_11#