Which of the following is NOT a true cause of haematuria? A: Glomerulonephritis B: Ureteric stone C: Schistosomiasis D: Rifampicin

1 Answer
Mar 4, 2018


D. Rimafpicin


Hematuria is a condition characterized by presence of blood (RBCs) in urine.

There are sevral causes of hematuria which can be grouped as pre renal,renal and post renal.

But let us discuss just the given options,

A.Glomerulonephritis is referred to an inflammatory condition of glomerulus,where glomerular capillary gets inflamed due to some pathologic changes resulting in emigration of RBCs,so blood is found in urine on chronic course. (Renal cause of hematuria)

B.Presence of ureteric stone leads to massive rubbing against the wall of ureter,resulting in bleeding from the ureter,so blood enters urine.(Post renal cause of hematuria)

C.Schistosoma hematobium is a trematode that lies in vesicoureteric plexus of vein,where they lay eggs and the diameter of egg being more than the diameter of venous plexus causes massive inflammation leding to bleeding in the bladder,so blood is found in urine.(Post renal cause of hematuria)

But Rifampicin is an antitubercular drug which imparts orange red colour to all body fluids,so urine colour mimics that of hematuria,but it is not a true cause of hematuria,as chemical analysis will show absence of RBCs in urine.