Which of the following is not equivalent to the remaining three?

(a) 100,000 Pa
(b) 760 mm Hg
(c) 1 atm
(d) 101.3 kPa

I'm really bad at conversations and want to know a fast way for these. Thank you to all that help me one this.

1 Answer

(b) 760 mm Hg


Look at the units...
(a) Pa - Pa is the SI unit of Pascals, a unit of Pressure
(b) mm Hg - Hg is the elemental symbol for Mercury
(c) atm - Atm stands for Atmosphere and is a unit of Pressure
(d) kPa- stands for kilo Pascal and is also a unit of Pressure

(b)Mercury is the only element and not a unit of pressure, therefore it is not equivalent to the remaining three