Which of the following structures can be used for respiration in the Arthropods?

I circled b , but I realized it could be a or b . However, I can not circle both and circling d means an antenna is used for respiration which is incorrect?

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1 Answer
Mar 22, 2017

The answer is Tracheae (a).


Arthropods are a huge group of animals and a lot of them breathe air through a system of tubes called tracheae. Traceae are present in important classes, like insecta, centipede and millipede. Some aquatic insects are there but they also breathe air.


I must add that members of aquatic class crustacea, another important group of arthropods, possess gills: an adaptation to live in water.

Other arthropods like spiders and scorpions of class arachnida breathe air through book lung and king crab, a living fossil, uses book gill.