Which of the following trinomials is written in standard form? (-8x+3x²-1), (3-4x+x²), (x²+5-10x), (x²+8x-24)

2 Answers
Mar 29, 2018

Trinomial #x^2+8x-24# is in standard form


Standard form refers to the exponents being written in decreasing exponent order.

So, in this case, the exponents are 2, 1, and zero. Here's why:

The '2' is obvious, then you could write 8x as #8x^1# and, because anything to the zero power is one, you could write 24 as #24x^0#

All of your other options are not in decreasing exponential order

Mar 29, 2018

The last one #x^2+8x-24#



The standard form begins with the term that has the highest exponent on the variable, then the next lowest, and so on; and ends with the constant.

Therefore, the last one #x^2+8x-24# is the only one in standard form.