Which of these are pure substances and which are mixtures?

apple juice
liquid detergent
tree sap
table sugar (#C_12H_22O_11#)
platinum (#Pt#)
benzene (#C_6H_6#)

1 Answer
Jul 19, 2016

Neon, platimum, table sugar and benzene are pure substances (first two are elements, second two are compounds). The others are mixtures.


Apple juice is a mixture - water with various naturally occurring substances dissolved or dispersed in it.

Liquid detergent is a mixture - usually a detergent such as sodium dodecyl sulphate, dissolved in water with things like scents and colourants added.

Tree sap - this is a mixture. Water, with various naturally occurring compounds dissolved into it.

Neon is a pure substance, its an element (group 8 or "Nobel Gas").

Table sugar is generally a pure substance - its the compound "sucrose".

Platinum is a pure substance - its a transition metal.

Vodka - this is a mixture, predominantly of ethanol and water.

Benzene - this is a pure substance (a compound).