Which planet completes its rotation in 59-60 Earth days?

1 Answer
Apr 4, 2016

Might be Uranus that has differential rotation, from poles to the surface/interior, in-between poles. How come this specific '59-60 days' in the question? Is it random or having any significance?.


I had noted about six years ago that Uranus axis spins at 0.107 radian /day. So, it completes one rotation through #2pi# radian about its tilt axis axis, in about 59.8 Earth days. I do not have the reference details. Yet, I understand that its interior complete-rotation period is about 17 days. In wiki page on Uranus, I find that this is mentioned as interior rotation period. I am sorry, if I had misguided the readers. It was chance tallying of my 59.8 days from my angular speed near poles with 59-60 in the question.

Uranus tilt axis is nearly parallel to its orbital plane. Poles alternately point towards Sun in half orbital periods of nearly 42 years. Indeed, quite different from Earth's day/night spin.