Who commanded the invasion force of U.S. and British troops in North Africa?

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Oct 5, 2017

If you mean Operation Torch in 1942, then Eisenhower was in nominal overall command of the invasion, but practical command was split into three task forces, under Patton, Fredendall and Anderson


But the full story of the Invasion of North Africa started in 1940 when fighting broke out between Italian and British forces in Libya - the campaign went on with German forces sent to help the Italians under Rommel, by mid 42 the British were advancing steadily drawing near to Tunisia and Morocco from the east

Operation Torch was planned to land on the western side of Morocco partly to help finish the campaign but more so to demonstrate to the Soviet Union that the US was taking an active role in the defeat of Germany and as a training campaign for the US Army (which had not seen any real action so far)

Many US planners pushed for a direct landing in NW Europe - but British advice and a resolute group of US Commanders realized that US troops were not yet ready for the intensity of fighting that would entail so Torch was used almost as "training on the job" for the US Troops