Who does Jerusalem really belong to?

i have some informations but i want to know what do you think about it ? and how did the conflict started ? i really want to know more.please

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Dec 8, 2017

It depends on your point of view.


It is the centre of three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and has been fought over for millennia. As a consequence Trump's recognition of it as the capital of the state of Israel is highly controversial and confrontational as we have already seen.

Dec 9, 2017

By right of conquest presently Israel


Jerusalem was once owned by Cananite tribe. It was conquered by the Israelites under King David and became the capital of Israel. It was under the political control of the Babylonians, The Persians, The Greeks, and Romans during various times of ancient history.

The Romans expelled the Jews from the city in 70 AD, but they came back under the political control of the Romans. The East urn Roman Empire controlled Jerusalem until the Muslim Empire of the Arabs conquered it in the 600's. It was under the control of the Shite Fatima Caliphate until the Seljuk Turks took it over and refused entrance to all but Sunni Muslims. This sparked the Crusades and Jerusalem was ruled by Christians for almost 100 years. The Muslims reconquered the city and it was ruled by the Ottoman Turks up to the end of World War I. Then the British were given control of the city, until 1948. The UN ruled that the city should be under international control when Israel became a nation. The Arabs violated this agreement and took control of the city during the war for Independence. Israel conquered the city in the 1968 war and did not yield the city to international control as dictated by the UN resolution of 1948 .

Historically the City has belong to the Jewish people, The Christians, The Muslims, and numerous political groups. The UN says that because of this it should be under UN international control. Neither the Muslims or the Jews have been willing to surrender political control to the international community.

In my opinion Old Jerusalem should be under the control of the UN. While Israel has a perfect right to make the new modern parts of Jerusalem its capital.