Who gave Israel the right to establish a country on the historical land of Palestine?

2 Answers
Jun 4, 2018

The United Nations under mandate 181

Originally the British with the Balford Declaration and then the United Nations in 1948


The Jewish people had claim to the historical land called Palestine after World War I
The Jewish claim was base on several factors.
1. The Jewish people ruled the land for centuries until 72 AD when conquered by the Romans
2. While a majority of the Jewish people were carried away into slavery by the Romans in 72 AD Jewish people have remained living in the land in all the centuries since 72 AD.
3. Under Ottoman rule Jewish people as part of the Zionist movement purchased large sections of what was then the
Syrian province of the Ottoman Empire.
4. The British promised the Jewish population a state of their own in the previous Syrian province based on the support of the Jewish population provided England during World War I against the Ottomans. ( This was the Balford Declaration.
5. The United Nations agreed that Jewish population deserved a state of their own in view of the persecutions the Jewish population experienced during World War II ( the Holocaust).

The Arab people had claim to the same land based on several factors.
1. The Arab people had ruled the from their conquest from 700 ADs until conquered by the Sejuk Turks around 1000 AD
2. The land had been ruled by various Islamic entities from 700 AD to 1918 with only a 100-year hiatus during the Christian Crusades.
3. Arab people have lived continuously in the land since 700 AD
4. The sale of Arab land by the Ottoman Turks is of questionable legality
5. The British promised the land to the Arabs based on their support of the British in fighting the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

The United Nation in 1948 faced with strong claims to the land from two different groups of people decided to split the British Palestine Protectorate between the Jewish and Arab populations.
The United Nations recognized two separate Nations Israel and Palestine. The land granted to the Arab population was occupied by Jordan, Egypt, and Syria and the state of Palestine was not allowed to come into existence.