Why did American troops focus their attention on France the most during WW1?

2 Answers
Apr 16, 2018

The battles took place in France


France is the country in which most of the battles of WWI took place. Northern France(a key industrial geographical area) and Belgium were occupied by Germany and battles took place in NorthEastern France.

Apr 19, 2018

By the time the US entered the war and was ready to send troops the Western Front was the main focus of conflict


Russia abandoned the war in 1917 so the Eastern Front could not be re-enforced

The British and Imperial troops were advancing against the Ottoman Empire and did not need more troops

The Italian Front was stalemated in the High Alps and not suited to US troops

Japanese and British Troops had eliminated the German enclaves in China

Neither France of Britain wanted or needed US Troops in the African Colonies

Which left the Western Front as the only viable place for US Troops to be sent and the easiest to get too and support logistically