Why did FDR get elected in 1932?

1 Answer
Dec 14, 2017

Economic Depression


In the entirety of the 1920's, the White House was run by 3 different Republicans. The latest was Herbert Hoover who was running for re-election. Hoover's failures to stabilize the economy and FDR's promise of a "New Deal" energized many Americans. Also Prohibition was an issue with many people. Prohibition was a target for many Democrats at the time. It was repealed shortly after FDR took office. Hoover had restricted trade with many countries, and many saw Hoover as a do-nothing president. Hoover tried to help the poor with building shantytowns for them to live in, and these were promptly called "Hoovervilles" by the people who lived in them. Roosevelt had gained a reputation as a fighter for the middle class and poor when he was Governor of New York. So Roosevelt won because of the economic depression that the Republicans had gotten into, he promised new programs and policies, and he was popular with the middle class and poor. He was a very popular president, looking at the fact that he was overwhelming elected 4 times.