Why did Gandhi organize the Salt March?

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Feb 19, 2016

The Salt March was a nonviolent campaign of Gandhi.


Salt March

  • nonviolent campaign by Mohandas ( Mahatma ) Gandhi to protest against salt tax*
  • one of the most important protests Gandhi has made
  • Gandhi and his 78 followers marched from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi on the Arabian Sea.
  • the journey was 240 miles or 386.2 kilometers
  • it led to the Gandhi-Irwin pact where gathering and manufacturing salt is legal

Salt Tax

  • the British made it illegal for the Indians to collect the natural deposits of salt.
  • due to India's weather, the citizens sweats and lose more of the human body's salt supply. Indians didn't eat much meat (natural source of salt) so they needed to find a supplementary source of salt. Thus, the British imposed the salt tax to control the Indians.
  • the government lifted the tax a year later after the Salt March

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