Why did the Sardinians participate in the Crimean War?

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Jan 27, 2016


It was Cavour' long shot bet to bring Italy within the closed circle of world powers.


Camillo Cavour, the statesman who manufactured the unification of Italy by the annexation of the entire peninsula to the Kingdom of Sardinia, very well knew that he could never achieve his goal on his own. France was not ready to drop its backing of the Pope who occupied the centre of the peninsula; England was friendly with the Two Sicilys and powerful Austria occupied most of the Po Valley East of the Ticino River.

He needed allies, and he got them by helping them out in a war that had little to do with Italy's direct interests but that, if victorious, would give him a strong pull on his new friends.
The war cost Sardinia more than it could afford, but the allies won and, at least for the Unitarians, it was worth the effort.

Still the country had to wait 5 years before the two sections North and South of Rome could be joined; and 9 additional years before they could occupy their future capital.

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