Why do most of the plants grow on land and not in water? What are the reasons which makes land more favourable for growth of a plant as compared to water?

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Jul 6, 2015

easy access to light and a lot of different habitats to colonise


Plants in water receive less light since water absorb a part of it. Also algae which get into the sun light when tide is low will face a harsh change of condition that only some species can endure.

when plants start to colonise land there was a wide evolutive radiation since there was a lot of variation of condition creating different habitats for plants to live in where as oceans are a more homogenous habitats ( with a huge part where condition are not adapted to plants : no light = no photosynthesis)

Jul 7, 2015

Depends on the plant


I agree with previous answer but there are other points to consider. consider the following points

there are species in phylum Bryophyta which requires water for fertilization so they stick to the water

there are other species which are living in the water which belong to angiosperm which cover a large variety of habitats on the land varying from desert to tropical regions.

the reason which i know made the plants to colonize the land was because of the fact that there was large competition for food materials in the water areas during evolutionary time period and as the water started to recede away exposing land the plants stuck there and those plants which were able to withstand the condition colonized land.

I would be pleased if any one corrects me.

Thank you