Why does Earth's atmosphere rotate faster than Earth itself?

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Sep 30, 2016

It is difficult to prove that atmosphere spins faster than the Earth..


Earth is matter and so is the atmosphere above its surface. First

law of Newton is applicable to both.

The 24-hour day/night spin, that is the naturally induced rotation,

at the time of stabilization of Earth's orbit around the Sun, is

common to both the Earth and the atmosphere. The other

secondary motions are attributed to forces other than the

gravitational force.

Unless disturbed by some forces other than the force of attraction

towards Earth's center, all matter within the Earth and in the

atmosphere would rotate about the axis of the Earth, as a single

compound mass.

But there is no homogeneity in density, owing to changes in

temperature, and consequent changes in pressure in

parts of matter, at different levels/layers..

The viscosity imbalance creates local disturbances.

As a result, there are 'gravity#+-# forces' acting in different

locations, differently, within the Earth, and likewise, in the very light

medium of air, in the atmosphere.

There are rivers above the surface of the Earth and also under

seas. volcanic bursts, earth tremors and quakes. ...

In the atmosphere, destructive Katrina moves at 100 km speed,

#Cirrus-stratus clouds above move like a 65-wagon goods train,

Cloud bursts pour rain and snow flakes.

In all, there are local cyclic/periodic or almost periodic to and fro

motion in the atmosphere.

This is my vision of the making of locally differential spin of the

atmosphere that might appear to be faster..