Why does the electron not crash into the nucleus of an atom?

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Sep 2, 2017

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Electrons are sub atomic particles with spin half integer (leptons) . they are considered to have a negative charge .
if we talk about nucleus of atom , it is positively charged since neutrons don't have any charge and protons got a positive charge.

now, since their is opposite charge on nucleus as compared to electrons , their must be some force of attraction between the two . this force is responsible for making the electron orbit the nucleus.

But where comes the confusion? that might be due to rutherford model of atom .
if we apply electromagnetic theory of maxwell to this structure of atom , we find that electrons moving in their discrete orbits must undergo some acceleration (because they are moving in circular pathway) . this concludes that they must emit electromagnetic radiations {note: this theory doesn't apply to planets since they are uncharged}. if electrons emit energy ; they would collide to nucleus within #10^-8 # sec.

This accounts for high instability of atom .

but we know that atom isn't unstable

when electrons and nucleon combine to form an atom the electron experiences two kind of forces , one due to its kinetic energy other force of attraction. these are perpendicular to each other . thus , electron experiences centripetal force of attraction .

also , the electron which is a tiny particle is not considered to be a classic particle since we can't determine it's position and velocity. we can just predict its presence .

the potential energy of an electron decreases and reaches to negative infinity . therefore acc. to law of conservation of energy its kinetic energy reaches positive infinity.
this battle of infinity prevents the electron from crashing into the nucleus .
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