Why might hydrogenation be bad?

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Aug 2, 2016

Hydrogenation of what?


Hydrogenation of what? There are many substances that react with hydrogen or can be made to given the appropriate catalysis. Which ones are you thinking of?

"Bad" is a purely subjective term - it is difficult to talk about chemistry in terms of things being "bad" or "good" - they can be undesirable, e.g. certain substances can be toxic, or react violently - thats not "bad" it is just the property they exhibit!

I suspect your question is maybe related to the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, one result of this being that they become waxy at human body temperature, and when eaten this can lead to a higher build up of fatty deposits in the blood. But again, making something unhealthy might well be described as "bad" from a health policy, political or ideological perspective, but you cannot apply "bad" or "good" to chemical reactions!