Why is realism said to be a reaction to romanticism?

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Nov 5, 2016

In the Art world, which is devoted to to the next cool thing, that the two Artistic styles that follow one another, then the next must be a comment on the previous Style.


The progression of Artistic styles, Baroque to Neo Classicism
to Romanticism to Realism to Impressionism to Modernism should a competition for attention as well as an acceleration as technology and progress increased the speed of life and social discussion.

Romanticism was an unlikely product of the Enlightenment. Romanticism was a reaction to the sterility of Neo Classicism and the Baroque before it. Realism was spurred by the failed revolutionary movements of 1848. There was a sharp change in social views. It is shown in the harsh light and subject matter of Realistic art work. The Stylistic change reveals the changes in attitudes.

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