Why is the mole the center of the mole road map in regards to conversion factors?

2 Answers
Jun 28, 2017

It is the common link between all other conversions


Although mathematical relationships (conversions in terms) can take on any form or direction, the point of the "map" is to illustrate the fundamental position and importance of the MOLE in chemistry.

We measure in volumes and masses, but the chemistry takes place only as moles. Thus, the working conversions that we need to translate our physical observations into chemical information and knowledge all need to include the mole concept and conversions.

Jun 28, 2017

The mole is a universal currency in chemistry.


Everything in chemistry can be converted into moles.

A mole is a number of particles, Chemical reactions occur between particles.

Mass can be converted into moles by grams/ moles.

Volume can be converted into moles by Molar Volume at STP

The particles themselves can be converted to moles using avogardro's number.

The mole then becomes the universal currency that everything can be converted into.